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EPS Sheet/Pipe Section
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EPS Sheet/Pipe Section

EPS Sheet/Pipe Section
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We, Shri Sakthi Insulations are one of the highly quality oriented manufacturers and suppliers of the highest quality of Polystyrene Sheets, Styrofoam Sheet, Polyurethane Pipe, Packaging Polystyrene Sheet, EPS Packaging Sheet and Urethane Foam Sheet, which are manufactured by using highly refined quality of raw materials to attain the super quality of products. We also manufacture and supply various types of EPS sheets for various applications. EPS comparing to any other Insulation materials like Particle Boards, Gypsum Boards, Polyurethane Foams, Glass Wool, Mineral Wool, Poly Ethylene etc is low in thermal conductivity, high in insulating efficiency, highly moisture resistance and budget friendly.

EPS is light in weight reduces handling hazels, stable in dimension and does not warp or bend. EPS is also the vital insulation material in both Hot and Cold Insulation, Pipe Insulation with EPS Pipe Section, under and over deck insulation with added Density Sheets, Wall insulation in cold storages, Air conditioned Warehouse and Godowns. EPS False ceiling is not only neat but also keeps even non air conditioned rooms cool by reducing the inflow of external radiation. The sheets available in standard 3.7meter x 1.0meter length sheets and can be fabricated into almost any thickness and density. Primarily EPS is used as an exterior insulator, for every 25mm, our polystyrene sheets have a R rating of approximately R1. TRW EPS is the perfect companion for the render warehouse fibrelite base and top coat render range.

Polystyrene provides the builder with insulation that varies in density, which translates into a structure that will meet or exceed energy code standards without the added expense of increased stud width. TRW is able to deliver EPS fabricated to any required density.

Fungus, bacteria or rot will not affect EPS
TRW cladding has a grade 4 fire rating, only beginning to burn at 600 degree celsius
Light weight, easy to handle, strong, flexible and durable
No CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbon)
Shock absorbant
Vibration and noise dampener
Compatible with wood and steel framing and masonry

Pipe Section:

Specific dimensions can be made to order and Pipe Section can be supplied in 2 and 3 Layers for thickness above75mm. Pipes are made in the form of half round X 1000mm long to suit various Nominal bores of Pipe lines for insulation purpose. Majority of the manufacturers do not have Pipe Sections for sizes above 350 mm NB, for the larger sizes they apply to cut slab sheets and paste it on the curved surface of the pipe line. This kind of insulation will not be properly insulate as the cut pieces would not touch the curve at many places and joining with bitumen will have gaps at places giving chance of air entering inside but our company manufactures Pipe Sections to the size of 750 mm dia of various thicknesses and beyond that we manufacture lag sections from 1 mtr dia to 4 mtr dia.


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